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VideoCards from AHigherThought are easy to use. Simply find the video you wish to send, and click on “Personalize & Send This Video.” You will be asked to either login or create a login, if you haven’t already. Once you have created a login you can use it for each message you wish to send. This is necessary to prevent SPAM from taking over the site and to provide you with the built-in features available within this site. We have created some simple tutorial videos for sending both Free and Ignited Inspiration Video Cards. Click on the appropriate video below.

Activate your Account
Before you can send or post any messages you must activate your account via the site generated email. Once that is done you can begin sending our VideoCards.

Multiple Accounts
If you choose to set up more than one account, you cannot use the same email address for multiple accounts. You need to use a separate email for each account.

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