Our Core Values

A Higher Thought believes in the power of one person to effect change with a message of gratitude, inspiration and hope. We've created a viral messaging platform that enables anyone to do just that, using the tools they already work with every day.

  1. The model of AHigherThought.com is a unique one.
  2. The platform provides individuals or organizations the ability to send a beautiful short inspirational videocard to one person or to thousands for FREE through email, social media or any popular email broadcast service.

These beautiful messages are enhanced by the senders associated personal message in the form of written text, logo, photos or even an embedded video! Imagine the possiblities.

Our Core Values Are:

  • We believe in the power of one person to effect change
  • We believe that everyone has a voice and a purpose
  • We seek to empower every person to share their voice with the world
  • We know expressing love, gratitude and encouragement transforms us and others
  • We believe happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude
  • We know kindness builds bridges between hearts
  • We support each person in following their passion & dreams, as this is the only true path to success
  • We believe giving results in the purest form of joy
  • We know a small group of people can change the world