New Name...Same Great Inspirational VideoCards

AHigherThought™.com continues to transform the eCard market with their innovative, sharable inspirational VideoCards. Formerly known as WildFireCards™, AHigherThought™.com is THE place where users can positively engage with one person or with millions using their unique viral sharing concept.  


An Expanded Mission

In 2014, disrupted the eCard market when they introduced their new VideoCard platform that transformed the way that professionals, individuals and organizations can reach the world with an inspiring message.

Today it is expanding its mission and making it even easier to use through the release of its next generation of VideoCards now under the new name believes in the power of one person to effect change by elevating the global conversation with a message of gratitude, inspiration or hope. They’ve created a viral messaging platform that enables anyone to do just that – using the tools they already work with every day.

The model of is a unique one. The platform gives an individual or an organization the ability to send a beautiful short inspirational video to one person or to thousands for FREE through email, social media, or any popular email broadcast service. These beautiful messages are enhanced by the sender’s associated personal message in the form of written text, logo, photos and even an embedded video! Imagine the possibilities!

This exciting platform uses an innovative concept that combines personalized VideoCards, social sharing, statistical tracking, gaming and rewards incentives to provide a single place for users to send a message to just one person or to millions!

Designed for Every-Day Use

The ever-expanding collection contains nearly 200 inspirational VideoCards that can be shared not just during holidays but any day of the week! Companies and individuals are finding new ways to connect with their “tribe” by sharing inspirational VideoCards from on “Motivation Mondays”, “Thoughtful Tuesdays”, “Wisdom Wednesdays” – and virtually any time they simply want to nurture and engage their contacts.

Innovative Impact-Measurement Features

But, beyond allowing users to send highly personalized VideoCards, is designed to provide valuable feedback to anyone who sends a VideoCard as well as anyone who shares it. A sender can locate the cities where their message has been opened and measure their impact using an interactive map and details page. They can also receive feedback through a social media sharing feature. Anyone who shares the VideoCard will also be able to see the impact of their message as it continues to be viewed and shared.

Get Rewarded for Sharing Inspiration also offers rewards incentives for sharing a message. Users are provided with a gaming-style dashboard where they can collectively measure the impact of all of their VideoCards and rewards earned. Rewards Points can be redeemed for gift certificates at AHigherThought’s partner,, as well as other popular merchants such as Starbucks, Target, Apple and more.

Making a Difference

One of AHigherThought’s most important missions is to also create impact by giving back to charities that are making a difference around the globe. Its owners have made a commitment to give a major portion of AHigherThoughts’ profits to non-profit organizations that protect and enhance the lives of children, elderly, veterans, animals and the environment.

All of these features which were formerly available only by paid subscription are now completely FREE to enjoy, and new inspirational VideoCards are being added weekly.

Visit and lift someone’s day by sharing some inspiration. It’s fast, easy and free!